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Updated on 09/04/2021

HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES wants to provide an exemplary hosting service. For its customers to be fully satisfied, it is essential to act in accordance with the legal framework. In this regard, we are required to provide you with certain information regarding cookies. This Cookies Policy informs you about what cookies are, the types of cookies installed on your computer or other devices when you visit our site and why we use these cookies.

HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES mainly uses cookies to improve your browsing experience on (hereinafter the “Website”). All data that HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES gathers from its cookies are anonymous and are only used to enable us to understand how users interact with our Website so we may improve the services offered and users browsing experience of the Website.

HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES reserves the right to make changes to this Cookies Policy by placing a new version of this policy on the Website. Therefore, users are advised to regularly check the relevant page on the Website on which the Cookie Policy is published so they are fully aware of any, even minor, changes made. When a new Cookies Policy comes into effect, you will again be asked to authorise us to place cookies on your device.


1 - What are Cookies?

A cookie is simply a small tracking text file containing data that is stored on your device (computer, tablet, phone) when you browse a website. It is designed to help websites remember your preferences (for example, a click on a particular page or link, connections to your profile, visits a website's pages). Then when the user comes back to the same website, the data stored in the cookie may be collected by the website to inform it of the user’s previous activity on the website.

Cookies have been designed as a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the state of the website or the user’s past activity. They help us optimise your visit by storing the technical choices made enabling us to display more relevant offers and services. HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES would advise you to activate cookies if you wish to consult or use the Website. However, if you prefer, you are always free not to activate them. Apart from exceptional circumstances, when cookies are activated this implies that you consent to they being used by us when you browse on our Website.

Cookies may store information on the buttons you click on, the dates and time you log in and may store pages you visited months or even years ago. Although cookies cannot contain viruses and cannot install malware on your device, targeting or tracking cookies, and especially third-party tracking cookies, are often used as a means to collect long term data on the user’s browsing history. There are several different types of cookies and without them, the Website could not properly function.

We invite you to manage your preferences, by clicking on the link below and activate all or some of the cookies. You can also accept or reject all of them.

Cookies setting




2 - This Website uses different types of cookies

1. « Strictly necessary cookies » are essential cookies that allow you to browse the Website and use its features. Without them, you cannot sign up for services or log in. These cookies do not collect any personal information for marketing purposes or for the purpose of storing information about the websites you have visited.

2. « Performance cookies » collect information about how you use our Website and measure the user traffic. In particular, they store information on the pages you visit most often and any error messages displayed. They do not collect personally identifiable information. All information is anonymous. They are only used to improve the functioning of the Website and to provide a better user experience. HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES uses Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service offered by Google Inc. This service uses cookies embedded in our Website to help us analyse how users make use of the Website, the number of visitors, the duration of a visit, the average number of pages visited that a user consults. Cookies provide information that is essential to ensuring high-quality performance by HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES. The Website hides IP addresses on Google Analytics to protect user data anonymity.

3. « Functionality cookies » remember the choices you make (such as your username, language, or region) and provide custom services. These cookies improve the functionality of the Website by storing your preferences. They can store any changes you make to the text size, font or other parts of customisable web pages. They can also provide services that you have requested, such as watching a video or writing a comment on the dedicated space. The information collected can be rendered anonymous. They cannot store information on the other websites you visit.

4. « Targeting cookies » display advertisements or messages that may be of interest to you. These cookies outlive user sessions. The maximum age of a permanent cookie has been set to 13 months so the initial value recorded in this cookie will be returned to the server each time the user visits the server. The purpose is to store essential information, such as how the user originally arrived on our Website. For this reason, they are also known as "tracking cookies". For example, once you have chosen the desired language, our Website will record your preference in a permanent cookie and store it on your browser. When you next visit our Website, it will use this permanent cookie to ensure that the content is provided in the language you have chosen. Sometimes targeting cookies are linked to other websites. Our Website does not use targeting cookies.

5. « Third-party cookies » are cookies that are placed on our Website by third parties. To support its communications, HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES has anchored its content in the social media channels and HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES makes use of the possibilities of sharing on social networks. The channels that HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES uses may contain cookies from these websites and HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES does not control these. The issue and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. We inform you of the purpose of those cookies we are aware of and how you can make choices about these cookies.

Within these five categories of cookies, we can distinguish temporary cookies ("session" cookies) and persistent cookies ("persistent" cookies):






  • « Session cookies » track your actions only for the duration of the current session. This "session" begins at the opening of the website and ends when it closes. Then the cookie is permanently deleted.
  • « Persistent cookies » remain on your phone or computer for the predefined period of 13 months. They have activated automatically when you visit a website.





3 - Categorisation and listing of cookies on the Website

The cookies we and our partners place on your device have different purposes:

1. Cookies strictly necessary are mandatory.

These cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Website and they cannot be deactivated. They allow HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES to offer you the main features of the Website:





  • They store certain items such as the information you enter on forms when you browse different pages in the same session;
  • They enable you to connect to the appropriate service on the Website when we make changes to the workings of the Website.

Website cookies classified as "strictly necessary" will not be used to:





  • Collect information that can be used to send you advertising about products or services;
  • Store your preferences or your username beyond your current visit.




Cookie name Purpose Retention period
Orejime Manage, set up and save your cookies preferences 1 year


2. Performance cookies, to measure Website traffic.

HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES uses these cookies to:



  • Provide anonymised information about your device;
  • Provide anonymous statistics about your browsing and behaviour on the Website;
  • Help us improve the Website by recording any errors that may occur.

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect data about your sessions on our Website. The Website uses IP address masking on Google Analytics to protect user data anonymity. These cookies are used to measure and analyse traffic to our Website (traffic volume, page views, bounce rate, etc.) and to improve performance.

Site cookies classified as « performance cookies » are not used to store your preferences or your username beyond your current visit. If you block this type of cookie, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the Website. You must first authorise us to place these cookies on your device.



Cookie name Purpose Retention period
Google Analytics Diadao Provide statistics on how the Website is being used to help us improve your user experience. from 1 day to 2 years
Google Analytics Booking Engine Provide statistics on how the Website and booking engine features are used. from 1 day to 2 years


3. Functionality cookies, to enable or facilitate the use of the Website.

The Website uses these cookies to share information with our partners who offer services on the Website. The shared information is only used to provide the service, the product and the function and not for any other purpose.

The cookies on the Website belonging to the "functional cookies" category will not be used to send you advertisements on the Website or other websites. Some of these cookies are managed for us by third parties. If this is the case, we do not allow the third party to use cookies for purposes other than those indicated above.

The choice to use them or not is up to you but if you disable them, your navigation can be made more difficult. By blocking them, it is also possible that your previous selections of services are not stored. You must first authorise us to place these cookies on your device.



Cookie name Purpose Retention period
Offer Highlight Diadao Promote advertising on products, services, news or promotions depending on when you browse. These advertisements come exclusively from the website visited. session cookie
Big Calendar - D-EDGE Availability calendar and rates of the establishment selected and storage of your preferences.  
TripAdvisor Share the latest reviews and prices. session cookie | from 6 months to 1 year


4. Targeting cookies

The Site may use "targeting" cookies for example to create a link to social networks. These social networks can then use this information to send you targeted ads. All of these cookies can be managed by other companies, so you can also use their tools to block them. The Website does not use targeting cookies. You must first authorise us to place these cookies on your device.

5. Third-Party cookies

HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES uses these cookies to incorporate third-party applications from partners. The issue and use of cookies by these partners are subject to the privacy policies of these partners. You must first authorise us to place these cookies on your device.



Cookie name Purpose Retention period
Facebook Pixel The Pixel Facebook is an analysis tool that measures the effectiveness of advertising by following your customer journey from the social network.  




4 - Disable cookies

Several options are available to manage your preferences in terms of cookies. HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES obtains your consent via a banner when you land on our Website, before placing cookies on your device.

If you want to change your preferences, you can set them by clicking on the following link:

Cookies setting

Subsequently, if you are not satisfied with the use of cookies on the Website, you can easily delete them by accessing the cookies folder in your browser. You can also set your browser to block cookies or send an alert message before a cookie is installed on your computer. There are many options available to avoid storing cookies.

You must realise that when you decide to delete all your cookies, you will most likely need to re-enter all your credentials and passwords on all the websites you visit, something you did not have to be concerned with before. As already mentioned, cookies can be a real asset to your internet browsing experience.

Below are instructions on how to block cookies for the major browsers:

If you use « Chrome » do as follows:
Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings (located at the bottom of the page). Then click on the button Content settings then check the box Block cookies and third-party site data, then click OK to validate your choice.

If you use « Firefox » do as follows:
Menu > Options > "Privacy" tab. Set the "Retention Rules" menu to "Use Custom Settings for History". Finally, uncheck the box "Accept third-party cookies".

If you use « Internet Explorer » do as follows:
Menu > Internet Options > "Privacy" tab and the Advanced button to bring up the Advanced Privacy Settings window. Then check the box "Ignore automatic cookie management" and select "Decline" in the "Third-party cookies" column.

If you do not have one of these browsers, click « Help » in your "Start" menu and run the search "cookies" to find information on how to locate deactivation settings. If you delete cookies, you may not be able to use some of the services offered on the Website, or other websites.








If you have any questions about our "Cookie Policy" or how HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES collects, uses or processes your data and stores cookies, please email us at, or send us a letter to HÔTELIERE LE PROGRES, 14, rue de Brey 75017 Paris - France.